Research Professor

Kim, Won-ju, MD,PhD

Join : 5/2018

Ph.D Course

Jee, Joo Hyun

Ph.D candidate
Join : 7/2017
Thesis : Development of pluripotent stem cell derived organoids

Nam, Myoung Ok

PhD candidate
Join : 1/2016
Thesis : Development of intestinal organoid culture technique

MS Course

Hahn, Soojung

MS candidate
Join : 4/2016
Thesis : Development of therapeutics based on intestinal organoids for inflammatory bowel disease

Kim, Han Kyung

MS candidate
Join: 9/2017

Jung, Sang Yun 

MS candidate
Join: 1/2018 

Jeong, Sukin 

MS candidate
Join: 2/2018

M.D-Ph.D Course

Park, Enoch

MD-PhD program
Join: 7/2017

Lab Manager

Park, Jung Jin

Join: 11/2017

Previous Members

Noh, Jung Hyun

Medical school internship
Join : 1/2017
Thesis : Study for interaction of gut and innate immunity
"Poster awards winner in The 25th federation meeting of Korean Basic Medical Scientist 2017"
"Poster awards winner in CHA Medical School-summer internship, 2016"

Park, Jae Young

Medical school internship
Join : 7/2017
Thesis : Study for interaction of gut and innate immunity
"Poster awards summer in CHA Medical School-summer internship, 2017"

Hwang, Hye-Won

Medical school internship
Join : 7/2015
Thesis : Therapeutic effects of umbilical cord plasma in an ischemic stroke
"Poster awards winner in CHA Medical School-summer internship, 2015"

Yoon, Suin

Medical school internship
Join : 1/2016
Thesis : Discovery of Sepsis treating drugs via in computational methodology

Lee, Da-Young

Medical school internship
Join : 7-8/2016
Thesis : A study for roles of DAMPs in immune-gut interaction
"Poster awards winner in CHA Medical School-summer internship, 2016"


Min, Sang-Hyun, New Drug Development Center, Daegu
- Drug development for sepsis

Kim, Mi-Sun, CHA Bundang Hospital
- Drug development for radiation proctitis

Lee, Dong Hyeon, CHA University
- Drug repositioning for Pancreatic cancer

Hwang, Dong-Youn, CHA University
- Drug development for ischemic stroke

Han, Hyun-Wook, Ajou University
- Drug development for sepsis & stroke

Jeong, Hye Yun, CHA Bundang Hospital
- Development of Kidney organoids

Baek, Kyuwon, AMO Life Science
- Development of organoid culture matrix

Choi, Jung Gyu, CHA University
- Development of Organoid storage method

Lim, Jae-Yol, Yonsei University
- Development of salivary gland organoids

Park, Joon Seong, Yonsei University
- Application of pancreatic organoids

Lim, Young Chang, Konkuk University
- Development of Head-and-Neck cancer organoids

Lee, Sun Kyung, CHA University
- Disease modeling using CRISPR-Cas9 engineered mini-brain